Surfing to Find the One 

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With a dangerous killer running amok, this snarlingly suspenseful computer love novel will have you tossing and turning in the midnight hour from juicy anticipation wondering whodunit? There are double entendres and brazen duplicities of all sorts constantly being played out in slow lotion motion before reaching an abrupt cascading descent.

All hyped up is what you will be because there is something in it for everyone. To all the sport fans, it touches on that pivotal basketball moment when no one knows what the chilling outcome will be, while two top guns battle it out to the nerve-racking finish. It rocks your world with issues pertaining to: jealousy and envy, best friends rivalry, harboring suspicion, are you my Mr. Right, recalcitrant behavior, self-aggrandizement, a woman scorned, Tough love, borderline forgiveness, interracial dating, and the juicy juice goes on and on and on... Be very, very careful, before they put a squirt on you!

To the resourcefully frugal individual, it is the most economically sound investment you will ever make in your life. It took me several years to write this book, because I felt my readers deserve nothing less than my absolute best. In fact, it was Patrick Ewing's Ex-wife, Rita Ewing, who told me to read Toni Morrison's book "Song of Solomon." Rita said, "The market is flooded with garbage, and Toni Morrison's flowery adjectives will make you a much better writer." I gladly took Rita's suggestion and bounced like a basketball with it, until I finally formulated a way to slam dunk it!. And now the rest is history. Enjoy.  

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