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Rebecca's Bio

Rebecca McFadden was born a sharecropper’s daughter in Lake City, South Carolina—hometown of the late Ronald McNair, African American space shuttle astronaut. Rebecca is a graduate of Shaw University. She is an Associate Staff Analyst, Novelist, Poet, and self-published author of “Surfing to Find the One,” and “Strong enough for a Man.” Her book gave birth to New York City Transit’s Poet-Tree Club. Rebecca and Sylvia Isabel co-founded the club. Rebecca named the club and is also the president. 

“Strong Enough for a Man” focuses on relationship issues, from a female perspective, and is making a noticeable difference in life. It gives people a strong push in the right direction when it comes to love, education and matters of the heart. It was featured in the author’s hometown for the entire month of February, in honor of Black History Month. Even the famous motivational speaker, Les Brown, said “There’s something about her writing that touched me.” Another happy camper said, “That Book Changed My Life!” The book sells for $15 and is currently carried by Barnes&Noble.com, Trafford, Amazon.com, Morehouse College, CBbooksdistribution.com, and www.ANEWenterprises.net.

“Surfing to Find the One” is a novel so riveting it shines! It’s about a lonely woman and a desperate man’s search to find their soul mates through computer love, and is based on exaggerated truth from the root to the tooth. This ferociously passionate dramatic-powerhouse novel, with a rancorous-snaking tempo of an eternal triangle, will have you tossing and turning in the midnight hour from juicy anticipation. The book sells for $20, and can easily be purchased directly from Rebecca McFadden’s website at: www.ANEWenterprises.net or you can get it from CBbooksdistribution.com. Feel free to email me at iwjccd@aol.com. I can also be reached by phone at 718-915-7205. Make sure you order your copy today.


What Others are Saying About Rebecca's Books

Methodist Hospital Employee and Satisfied Customer 

That Book Changed My Life! 

Leon, retired college professor

You have such a way with words. I just wish there were more black women like you in this world.

Jean Ingram, An Excellent Read 

Hi Rebecca, I started reading your book and I am overwhelmed. The book has something for everyone. I am enjoying it immensely. You have done an excellent job putting it together, and I know it was not easy. You are brilliant and I am awfully glad that you wrote this wonderful and enlightening book. I was going to call you and tell you this but I thought that the enclosed email would say it best. As I said before, you are very talented and I am glad you let it shine. I wish the very best to you and your endeavors. You are definitely on the right track. Love Jean. PS: Once I have read through the book, I plan on reading it one "Moe" time!

Kinsey McFadden

Hey, I finished the book. It was very good. The writing sounds just like you. When you get a chance we can talk about it. I don't want to write all my comments on this email. I gave one copy of the book to Tucker, and will be sending you some money for it. I gave the read copy to Marsha and she is reading it now.

Robert Strickland 

Rebecca, Thanks for the book. I'm teaching a Graduate class in Public Policy this semester, so I am quite busy. I have, however, begun to read your book. So far, very interesting. I'll give you a full review after I finish it! I want to tell you that I am proud of you for accomplishing what to many people is a dream! You have made it a reality, for you! May the Lord continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

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